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Bora Bora

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Midtown Penthouse

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Bora Bora

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I have chosen Maui Hawaii. Sandy beaches beautiful blue sea big palm trees this tropical island I would like to visit one day.

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Caribbean Islands

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I picked the Caribbean Island. It’s beautiful and relaxing and I have never gone.

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london, england (Computer Lab log #1)

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Sasha E. cRUZ

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Melrose Student Posts

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Class #1: Welcome to GS-32367 Computer Class!

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Congratulations for finding our computer class website! What follows are the steps you will need to take to save your assessed work for this class.  Let’s start with the basics…

How do I log in?

login page

The log in box is on the right side of this page.  Type (in lowercase only) the first initial of your first name, and your last name into the ‘Username’ box.  Type in your password in the password box.  If you do it right, you will see your username, avatar, and a ‘Log Out’ button replace the log in box.

Also, you will see a black menu bar across the top of the webpage.  You can customize your account by clicking on the ‘My Account’ tab, and clicking on ‘Profile’ .  Under ”Profile’ you can upload a picture of yourself under the “Change Avatar” tab, and under ‘Settings’ you can change your password or email account.


More importantly, once you login you can access the ‘Dashboard.’ The Dashboard is your control panel for saving your class assignments. That being said, here is the cardinal rule for this class:


If you don’t upload a file to your account
and you lose that file
is your problem, not mine!!! If you upload a file and then lose it,
I’ll be able to get it back for you,
but only if you upload your files to your student account!


You have been warned!!!

There are three ways you can save your work to this website.  Let’s say you just want to write down a comment about the class material for that day’s class.  Posting a comment requires doing the following steps:

1)  How to Post a Comment to a Webpage on the Class Website

  1. Make sure you’re logged in.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the post.  If you don’t see the words, “Leave a reply”, click on the blue comment link that should be at the bottom right, at the end of the post.
  3. You should now see “Leave a reply” and a white text box.  That box is where you should post any comments to my edublog entry.
  4. When you’re finished typing your comment, click on the ‘Post Comment’ button.


Sometime you may be asked to write your own post for a class assignment. To “post” your class assignment, follow this procedure:

2)  How to Post a Page to the Class Website

  1. Click on the ‘Posts’ button on the left sidebar – this will take you to a webpage that lists all of the files and posts you have created on this website.  Whatever you have uploaded, you can find here.posts
  2. To create a post to save your class assignments in, click on the ‘Add New’ button, just to the right of the pushpin and ‘Posts’ title.
  3. You will now see an “Add New Post” title.  Two text boxes are below the title, the first says, ‘Enter title here.’  Not surprisingly, type in a title for your post.  The title should include information that will help you find it when you are looking for it in the future.  The second box is a text box where you type whatever information you would like to include to complete a given assignment.  This can include computer files, pictures and other media.










4.  On the right side of the page is a ‘Categories’ box.  Check the ‘!melrose’ box, so that your post doesn’t get lost in the many files on this website.

5.  When you want to save a draft of your work, [THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT], click on the blue ‘Publish’ button to the right of the text box.  If you do not click on the ‘Publish’ button before leaving the page, all of your work will be lost!


Finally, in the later classes, you will be creating your own Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.  To save them to the class website, you will need to do the following steps:

3)  How to Upload a File to the Class Website

  1. Create a new post and add a blank line to
  2. Above the text box is a button  with the words, ‘Add Media’.  Click on that button.
  3. When you click on the ‘Add Media’ button, a popup window will appear. Click on the ‘Upload Files’ link, which will open up another window where you can select a file on your hard drive or flashdrive.
  4. Click on the ‘Select Files’
  5. Once your file has been “crunched,” scroll to the bottom of the window and click on the ‘Insert into Post’ button.  Important: if you don’t click on the ‘Insert into Post’ button, your file will not be uploaded, and your work could get lost!insert
  6. Once your file is uploaded, you will see a link embedded in your post.  While you are editing your post, you won’t be able to click on it to open it up.  When you are done editing your post, click on the ‘Publish’ button (your edits will be lost if you don’t!)
  7. You need to know these skills in order to submit work to me for evaluation.  No printouts, flashdrives or emails will be accepted.  By the third class, we will have practiced these steps several times, so everyone should become comfortable saving their work in this manner.
  8. Let’s move on to today’s assignment: using Web 3.0.